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Zak's International Space Agency *

If you are reading these password protected pages you are either an official member of Zak's ISA or you're an uninvited intruder and you should leave now, they're TOP SECRET you know!

Maybe you stumbled across the URL directly (get a life) - OR maybe you wasted lots of time clicking through all the permuatations of 1234's to crack the password (get a life2). If this means YOU please leave NOW, these pages are for members only and are TOP SECRET and you're not invited.

* For anyone who is really stupid enough to believe this is the real International Space Agency** OR for anyone who really can't see these pages for what they are: i.e The creative imagination of Izaak Connor (Aged 6) in loving memory of the great times he spent travelling the universe with his grandad Joe Connor (AKA Captain Granddad - Captain of Home Base 22EdCE RIP) we would like to state, for the record, this page is NOT the home pages of the REAL International Space Agency - Durrr!

PS You'll also love this page...

** In a truth is stranger than fiction happening the real International Space Agency actually want these pages removed from the internet claiming this page is:

"illegally violating Trademark and Copyright laws, and is confusing the public, and defaming our organizations good name and image."

Unbelivable, haven't they got anything better to do?!

the New ISA Simulation

New: make up your own ISA gun