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Specialist Awards


Currency and Privileges


There are a number of vehicles used in the ISA, some of which can use hyper-jump and can reach other solar-systems, others are land bound, some can soar majestically thought the sky while others can glide effortless though space.

Most ships are equipped with a hyper-jump engine, however small fighters won't usually have expensive heavy jump systems. If you want to get any where out of your solar-system you need a jump system, it would take thousands of years, at sub-light speed, to reach another solar system from earth.

Once you reach the rank of Captain, and have your 'ISA Ship Commanding License', you can apply for you own ship and crew. Your ship will need a purpose, e.g. Explorer/Freighter/Warship, and you and your crew will receive credits and other privilege for doing your job.

This is a list of some of the vehicels that are used in the ISA: