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Specialist Awards


Currency and Privileges


In the ISA we use a wide range of weapons some have images available others do not.

Some are rapid-fire others not or in some cases even explosive.

Most of the weapons in the ISA use 'phase' energy, 'phase' energy uses a cell all at once resulting in a very damaging weapon.

'Phase' energy is great the bigger the cell the more powerful the blast; using any cell above 750mAh, all at once, is almost certainly deadly!

There are 4 Levels, you can be at a different level depending on your rank, here's a list of what weaponry you can carry at each level:

  • Level 1: you can have a H91
  • Level 2: you can have up to two H91
  • Level 3: you can have up to two H91 and a H181
  • Level 4: you can have up to two H91 and up to two H181

Here's a list of what level you are at certain ranks:

  • Level 1: you have to be a Private, Corporal or a Sergeant
  • Level 2: you have to be a Staff Sergeant, Lieutenant or a Captain
  • Level 3: you have to be a Major, Colonel or a Brigadier
  • Level 4: you have to be a Major General, Lieutenant General or a General

However in a fire fight your commanding officer can decide to equip himself and/or you with any appropriate weapon at his disposal.

Click here to see images and descriptions of some of our weapons: