Mr.T as President?


All my fellow fools, yes it is I, Mr T. I have decided to make myself president 'cos all yo fools keep jibba jabbrin bout that crazy fool Murdock. That may have nuttin to do with it, but well, I'm Mr T fools! Yo Mr Cartoon fool, gotta question?



  Erm... Yes... Mr... President T, Why the hell did you kinda make yourself President? Can I be one? Us, citizens like our current president! I know he wouldn't let you do this! Where is he?


YO CRAZY CARTOON FOOL!!! I am the T'Inator foo, I do what I want, when I want and how I want to do it ok foo!? The Non-Mr T President is out in his 'copter, apparently jibba jabbarin' bout Murdock-Crazy fool.

 Ok then my fellow fools, as what's his face is out, I'll make it all worth my while and make me self Mr, President, T! Now, lets get hiring those sterile cows- can't live wit no milk! I love it when things go as planned...

Send out the troops...

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